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About Us

Maison Montessori Childcare Inc. (MMCI) is a community service with a dual purpose. The primary purpose is providing nurturing childcare program with a Montessori education in the security and convenience of a home. The secondary purpose is providing a worry and stress free state for the busy, time limited, parent. They know and can trust that their child is being cared for by a mature, qualified, experienced educator whose philosophy of early education is Montessori. A philosophy based on respect for the child.

Children have a natural desire to learn, they are fascinated with the world around them. The knowledge they can acquire if they are free to follow their inner drive is unlimited. MMCI understands, respects and caters to this quest for knowledge by creating a safe, and well equipped environment, which enables the children to discover the world for themselves. The children who want to excel are free to do so. They are free to choose an activity and learn to do this with grace and courtesy and with respect for others, themselves and their surroundings.

A child’s environment has a tremendous influence on him/her: “The tiny child’s absorbent mind finds all his/her nutrients in his/her surrounding. Here s/he has to locate him/herself and build him/herself up from what s/he takes in.” Maria Montessori.

MMCI places a huge emphasis on the ‘prepared environment’ and this includes the educator Annette Pinsonneault, a bilingual qualified Montessori /ECE teacher with more than 25 years experience. As an educator and caregiver MMCI’s role constitutes of preparing the staff and the environment to help the inner and outer evolution of each individual child in a nurturing, free, playful, and caring atmosphere. In the end the child is provided with the tools necessary to meet the challenges of our complex world.

At MMCI your child will be shown how to learn (not what to learn), how to think (not what to think), and how to do (not what to do) – both by themselves and for themselves – enabling them to define and achieve their own goals throughout their lifetimes.

“Through working by themselves, children acquire an active discipline, a practical independence and a gradual increase in knowledge.” Maria Montessori

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